Tensile Shades

Unique, Extraordinary Tensile Shade Supplier in UAE

Looking for a high quality unique tensile shade structure? At Jupitertents & Fabric Shades, we are the #1 tensile shade manufacturer in the UAE. Tensile shade structure is a construction of elements that carries tension without any bending. 

Let us install a tensile shade that just does not give protection, rather creates an amazing experience. Install a shade that is stunning in design, unparalleled in functionality.

Where Do You Install Tensile Shade

Tensile shade structure is a popular shade for organizing large indoor events. Tensile shades give protection without destroying the charm of outdoor space. Tensile shade structure is applicable for:

✅School, Daycare Center

✅Retail centers & Shopping malls

✅Stadiums & Playgrounds

✅Hotels & Resorts

✅Gardens, Walkaways, Residential Places

✅Commercial & Industrial Buildings

✅Airport facilities


Why Choose Tensile Shade Structure over a Traditional Structure

Make your space 10x lighter and brighter with our innovative tensile shade structures! Choose tensile shade structures as they are:

Needs minimal support for construction

Provides open, airy space

Preserves the outside aesthetics, and does not block the view

Colorful sails that are easy to maintain, and durable in hot, harsh weather

Comes in various types and colors so you can choose your own

Why Jupitertents and Fabric Shades is Your Perfect Partner

We are not any ordinary company, we are your trusted partner. We give you the promise that your shades will be installed flawlessly.

We are your dedicated companion to understand your unique needs, measure your area accurately, and install customized structures. 

We go above and beyond to provide shades that give protection. We install shades that combine aesthetics with functionality. Choose us and let’s see the transformation!

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